Roof Leak Repair Amagansett




A customer called Expressway recently for a roof repair in Amagansett – out on the east end of Suffolk County, Long Island NY. We found a leak on the roof where the roof met the siding. The roof, shingles and wood underlay were damaged and leaking but we were able to stop and fix the damage. 


After removing the shingles, we installed ice shield on the roof. This was important. And the way we prevent the leak from returning is by installing new step flashing where the roof meets the siding. Afterwards we replaced the damaged shingles with new matching GAF shingles in Slate Timberland color. The customer was 100% satisfied with our work, as we strive for them to be after every job we do.


Our roof repair services include: roof and siding leaks, missing or damaged siding, vinyl and cedar shake roof repair, fascia, soffits and more.


Expressway Roofing has over 20 years experience and is licensed and insured in the east end of Suffolk County and all of Long Island NY. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality roof repair materials, and all is backed by our leak free guarantee.


We offer same day and 24 hour emergency services. Don’t wait to have your roof repaired. A water leak can cause much more damage than is already done by neglecting to have it stopped and fixed. We will gladly come to your home and temporarily stop the leak until we can come back and repair it permanently when the weather permits it to.