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Expert Repairs On All Chimney Types

We know it’s vital to resolve any chimney issues as quickly as possible. The best way for homeowners to protect themselves from unexpected repairs is to have an annual chimney inspection. It will allow you to uncover minor issues before they become more severe and costly to repair.


Our team of expert chimney professionals has the experience and training to perform any chimney repair, including masonry repairs, flue liner repairs and replacement, chimney crown repairs, and more. If you suspect a chimney problem, give us a call and we’ll start a thorough inspection and recommend the best solution for repairing your chimney.


Expressway Chimney is the premier chimney company across Long Island for over 20 years. We are family owned and operated making us a top provider of quality and professional licensed chimney services. We are dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses the finest and most cost effective way to service, repair and maintain your chimney. We make customer service our top priority with each project.


All of our staff is fully trained and qualified for chimney inspections, cleaning, relining and other chimney repairs, rebuilds, caps, dampers and more.  Expressway Chimney is the right choice for all of your chimney, fireplace and wood burning stove needs. 


For Any and all of your chimney Needs


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Some of the chimney related repair services we offer are:

  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Safety checks & inspections
  • Vermin proofing
  • Replacement systems
  • Flue & cowl replacement
  • Glass & rope seal replacement, repairs & spare parts
  • Flue extensions
  • Nest & blockage removal
  • Consultancy service
  • Chimney and fireplace repair
  • Caps and chase cover installations and repairs
  • Masonry including crowns and repointing
  • Stainless steel liner installations and repairs
  • Prefab chimney installations and repairs
  • Free chimney inspections


Need A New Chimney Cap Or Crown?


A faulty chimney can cause house fires or carbon monoxide buildup in your home. One of the most important safeguards against these disasters is the chimney cap. You may need a chimney cap replacement if the turbines have become clogged, you’ve experienced a chimney fire

or high winds have warped the cap.


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bad chimney in need of replacementExpressway Roofing & Chimney has your chimney needs covered! If you’re looking for a Long Island chimney company that won’t beat around the bush with awful customer service – our free, fair and honest quotes are completely transparent. Our business model was designed around the concept of fairness, openness and honesty for our fellow homeowners across Nassau and Suffolk counties. Trust in Expressway Roofing & Chimney just like our long list of Long Island homeowners that have dealt with our residential roofing services over the last 20 years.