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When searching for a skylight contractor or a reputable skylight company near you, a new, properly installed, flush mounted skylight is obviously very important to ward off leaks. By the time the homeowner finds out their old skylight replacement with that expensive new skylight installation was installed incorrectly and the skylight is leaking water – the damage is done. If you’re planning a new roof and a skylight replacement at the same time, or just want to add a new roof skylight window to a section of your roof, we can help you complete the roof window installation. If you need a new roof skylight installation for the first time – that too is not a problem. We can help! Your new skylight can and will be properly installed – without fear of leaks from the skylight roof installation – so let’s eliminate that worry right off the bat – since you’re using the right roofing and skylight contractor – Expressway! Installing or repairing a skylight in your residential or commercial roof will enable more natural light in your home or workspace. 


At Expressway, we specialize in various forms of sky windows and skylights. Choosing skylights, whether they are fixed or vented skylights, manual or remote skylights or domed or pyramid skylights, glass paned or or vinyl skylights, rest assured we specialize in that type. We are experts at fixing skylight leaks in old skylights, skylight repair, skylight maintenance, skylight replacement and new skylight installation. So if you notice water leaking from skylights in your home or office, We will inspect your skylight and find a solution that fixes the leaking skylight problem. Repairing a leaking skylight and keeping your roof windows clean enhances the aesthetic beauty and value of your property as well as your own wellbeing. More light into your home, office or other property means a healthier outlook on life as sunlight increases the efficiency of the heart. Trust Expressway to be your one-stop, professional, local skylight company to handle your next sky window installation, roof window replacement or to handle delicate problems with skylight flashing and roofing around skylights on your building.

Benefits Of A New Skylight

  • They’re cleaner. Features Neat glass coating to keep your skylight cleaner longer, leaving skylights virtually spotless.
  • They’re quieter: Reduces unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than a standard double pane glass, and up to 50% less than a plastic skylight.
  • They’re safer: VELUX recommends, and building codes require, laminated glass for out of reach applications.

Add Solar Tubes Or Skylights

A properly installed skylight is very important and by the time a homeowner finds out their skylight was installed incorrectly – the damage is done. If you are planning a home remodel or just want to add some solar ceiling tube skylights to a section of your home, we can help you complete the project. Do you need a new skylight installed for the first time? No problem. We can help! Your new skylight can and will be properly installed – without fear of leaks – so let’s eliminate that worry right off the bat – if you use the right roofing contractor – Expressway!


Our expertly installed skylights can become the creator of natural light in your home or work environment. At Expressway, we specialize in various forms of skylights, as well as specialize in repair, maintenance, replacement or new installations. We will help find that solution that fits any room you want a new skylight in. 


You may have never seen natural light like this before. In addition to providing natural lighting all day long, thereby providing savings on electricity costs, a skylight enhances the aesthetic beauty and value of a property. More light into your home, office or other property means a healthier outlook on life as sunlight increases the efficiency of the heart. Would you be searching for a reputable skylight roof contractor?  What makes us so special? Servicing for the whole of the Long Island region means we have experience in dealing with all types of customers.




 We are the company to call when you need a skylight repaired, installed or removed. Just like your roof – skylights take the brunt of the natural elements and should be inspected and maintained regularly.




Having skylights in your home has many benefits. Skylight repairs can vary from simply replacing the acrylic dome to completely removing and replacing the entire unit and repairing the sounding roofing material. If you need a skylight leak repaired, be sure to contact a skylight repair contractor, that will do the job right. Expressway repairs both residential and commercial skylights.





Do you want to completely remove a skylight from your home or replace all your old skylights with a new roof? We can remove an old skylight and repair the roof and ceiling or add new skylights.




Maybe you have one of the many houses on Long Island that have bathrooms, hallways and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door. Dim and dark, these rooms are unwelcoming places until you turn on the light. Those days are over. Our skylights dramatically change a room. A new skylight from Expressway Roofing can finally bring that natural light into that uninviting, dark and isolated space through a specially designed skylight that passes from the roof through the ceiling into that dark, unlit space.




Our skylights blend (almost unnoticed) into the ceiling, spreading a soft and restful light throughout the room. They’re the easiest and fastest way to add natural light and the feeling of openness to your under roof spaces. The impact in terms of daylight (and your mental mood) is stunning.

About Expressway Skylights

new home tar roofing materials

We are market leaders in the skylight and roof industry and we never compromise on the quality of services provided. The business basics of Expressway  revolve around superior customer service – in prompt response to client inquiries to on-time and complete installations within the specified lead time. We are flexible depending on client situations! We value every customer’s needs, wishes and wants, so no job is too small. We offer competitive pricing for all skylight installations and repairs on Long Island. We proudly serve all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Call Expressway today at 631.772.6363.



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Skylight installation in MasticExpressway Roofing and Chimney has your skylight needs covered! Are you looking for a Long Island chimney company that won’t beat around the bush with awful customer service? Our free, fair and honest quotes are completely transparent. Our business model was designed around that concept of fairness, openness and honesty. Trust in Expressway Roofing and Chimney just like our long list of Long Island homeowners that have dealt with our services over the last 20 years.