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We understand the necessity of a perfect chimney liner installation. Whether you’re building a brand new chimney or you’re looking to restore an older chimney,  we’re eager to help you create the most beautiful, effective and safe chimney for your home. 

Regardless of the type of chimney you need. You can count on us to present an option for your home that is watertight, functional and attractive. And we strive to keep our rates reasonable, without ever skimping on quality.

A functional beautiful chimney liner installation is an investment in your home. Expressway understands how important a chimney is to any home. It not only adds value, but must be installed properly to keep your family safe.

If you are looking at chimney liners either for repair or installation then you have come to the right place! We at Expressway have years of experience with both repair and installations of an array of chimney liners.

New Chimney Liner Installations

Installing a chimney liner can be an easy and economical way to repair unsafe, inefficient or deteriorated chimney flue. During this process we check for damage around your chimney to make sure that a new chimney liner will be needed.


Signs your Chimney Liner Needs Repairing

There are a few signs that your chimney liner will need to be replaced. These include venting issues within your chimney. Older chimney liners that are made up of clay will start to crack over time. As well as purchasing a new energy efficient heating system. 


Whether you need a custom chimney liner replacement or a new one installed with your heating appliance, you can turn to our chimney professionals. We can answer any questions and can access your entire system to make the best recommendation that fits your needs.

The safety of your family and home comes first and we are dedicated to helping our customers maintain their chimneys for a safe living environment. 

A new chimney lining provides significant safety and performance benefits such as:

  1. Improve burning efficiency of appliances (wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces) and help save money on energy costs
  2. Prevent hazardous fumes, smoke, creosote, and condensation to seep through the chimney walls
  3. Provide maximum protection against dangerous fumes, gases, fire damage, and water damage
  4. Reduce risks of chimney fires
  5. Prevent excessive creosote buildup and help your chimney stay cleaner.


Why Choose Expressway For Chimney Liners

We at Expressway would love to handle all of your chimney liner and other home needs. However, we know that there are a ton of options to choose from. So why choose us? We could talk about quality and the Expressway advantage. 


However, we let our work speak for it self. Feel free to check out our reviews or even look at some of our previous work. We know that after you take a look, you will see just how much pride we take in each project. For more information feel free to fill out the form below or give us a call at 631.772.6363 today if you are looking for a qualified chimney company for Long Island.



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bad chimney in need of replacementExpressway Roofing & Chimney has your chimney needs covered! If you’re looking for a Long Island chimney company that won’t beat around the bush with awful customer service – our free, fair and honest quotes are completely transparent. Our business model was designed around the concept of fairness, openness and honesty for our fellow homeowners across Nassau and Suffolk counties. Trust in Expressway Roofing & Chimney just like our long list of Long Island homeowners that have dealt with our residential roofing services over the last 20 years.