Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Montauk HWY East Moriches NY



Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Montauk Highway East Moriches NY

Stainless steel chimney liners, either rigid or flexible, are used to repair or replace an existing chimney flue that has been compromised. It is commonly used inside a masonry chimney when the clay tiles have cracked or mortar joints have deteriorated. Stainless steel liners are also used in masonry chimneys that were built without flue tiles. Stainless Steel is the best material for the application so most liners come with a lifetime warranty.


Today we did a complete installation of a stainless steel liner on Montauk Hwy. in East Moriches NY. From the burner up, we were able to slide a complete liner system into the flue of the chimney and then cap it with a new stainless steel liner cap.


Our chimney liner service and other chimney repair services in East Moriches include: chimney repair, chimney cleaning and maintenance, fireplace repair, crowns, chase covers and more.


Expressway Roofing & Chimney has over 20 years experience and is licensed and insured on all of Long Island NY. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality chimney repair materials, backed by our guarantees.


We also offer same day and 24 hour chimney emergency services. Don’t wait to have your chimney repaired or maintained. A damaged or leaking chimney can lead to major issues. We will gladly come to your home and repair it permanently.


We value every customers business, so no job is too small. We offer competitive pricing for all chimney installation, maintenance and repairs on Long Island.




Call for a free stainless chimney liner or chimney service estimate in East Moriches or anywhere on Long Island NY today at (631) 772-6363.

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