Chimney Flashing For East Shoreham

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What Chimney Flashing Does

Chimney flashing is your East Shoreham residence’s first line of defense against water harm. Chimney flashing is one of the most neglected sections in the upkeep of a home. Chimney flashing is rarely seen – or even noticed – until something goes wrong with it. When roof or chimney flashing becomes damaged, it loses it imperviousness and resistance to water and starts a host of other problems. Roof flashings are generally made of thin copper, galvanized steel or aluminum sheets that are usually mounted beneath your roof’s shingles. Warped or missing flashing will lead to a serious water leak and severe leakage to your East Shoreham dwelling and parts of the chimney.

Chimney flashing’s purpose is to forestall rain water and melting snow. Flashing has two layers: “step flashing” and “counter flashing.” L-shaped step flashing is also laid down and tightly sealed with caulk. If water is allowed to flow down into the dwelling through a gap initiated by damages or missing flashing, there should be major cause for concern.

New Chimney Flashing

Following a storm, walk around your dwelling and inspect for water stains in your ceiling using a flashlight if possible. Water stains could indicate the start of a leaking problem. Our highly-skilled flashing techs could find the source of the problem and fix it ASAP. Leaky roofs oftentimes cause additional damage to other parts of your home – which will then include the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew… and that mightthen cost you thousands more to fix. If you observe mold, shrinking, blistering or curling shingles, contact an fully-trained chimney flashing company such as Expressway to look at your residence’s chimney and roof and recommend an appropriate course of action before it’s too late.

How Does Flashing Become Blocked?

Here in the NY tri-state area (and especially in East Shoreham) we get quite a bit of sun, wind, sleet, rain and snow every year. Leakage producers definitely include severe winds that might move the flashing material. Rust issues (which are common with certain styles of flashing material). Old age – i.e. many bad winters and severe summers. Flashing that has deteriorated from the elements might eventually cause problems to your roofing system, as your chimney flashing helps hamper water problems from occurring to your roof deck and shingle system. With so much to gain from having correctly installed or maintained flashing, it is important to ensure that the flashing is kept in excellent working order.

Chimney flashing should last about 20 years in East Shoreham’s bad climate due to the amount of wear and tear started by New York’s weather patterns.

Spotting Damaged Chimney Flashing

Some of the chimneys flashing that our pros repair is the same chimney flashing that was installed when the chimney was initially built. The next thing that our technicians would look for is if the bricks that are above the chimney flashing need to be renovated Missing mortar joints also need to be repaired and or re-tuckpointed so that the water will pass the chimney flashing. Expressway’s team will visit your property and assess the integrity of the residence’s chimney system, identify whether your flashing needs to be resealed. Chimney inspection is a small maintenance task, but it’s one that you can’t afford to forget about. Chimney problems frequently begins to erode chimney masonry below the roofline. Property materials also simply develop problems over time. Wall boards, insulation, electrical wiring and other property building materials could be severely deteriorated by regular water invasion. Mold is known to be dangerous to humans and pets and if water is damaging down into your home, the growth may be widespread and very costly to remedy. We suggest you call Expressway to inspect your roof and chimney soon.

Chimney Flashing Repairs By Expressway

This is one of the reasons it’s not recommended for the average property owner to perform a flashing installation repair on their own. Remember: One chimney contractor doesn’t always fit all. Part of our scheduled chimney inspection service includes a close up look at your chimney flashing. We, at Expressway, would love to handle all of the chimney flashing and other dwelling needs. However, we know that there are a ton of other chimney contractors options to choose from. Our pros let Expressway’s work speak for itself. If it’s time for a chimney flashing inspection or you know there’s trouble with the flashing, you might contact Expressway Roofing & Chimney at 631.772.6363.

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