Chimney Flashing For Amagansett


What Chimney Flashing Does

Chimney flashing is your Amagansett residence’s first line of protection against water damage. Chimney flashing is one of the most pertinent parts of a home’s chimney. Most customers don’t give a lot of thought to their Amagansett home’s (or business’s) chimney flashing. When roof or chimney flashing becomes problematic, it loses it imperviousness and resistance to water and causes a host of other weakening. The chimney flashing or caulking used to keep the flashing in place might slowly erode, making your roof prone to leaks.Replacing the chimney flashing (or flashing sealants) from time to time will go a long way in water tightening your roof and cushioning your Amagansett home.

Chimney flashing‚Äôs purpose is to impede rain water and melting snow. Flashing has two layers: ‚Äústep flashing‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúcounter flashing.‚ÄĚ Counter flashing surrounds the top ridge gap of the L-flashing and is secured by embedding it into the chimney masonry. If water is allowed to flow down into your residence through a gap started by broken or missing flashing, there should be major cause for leaks.

New Chimney Flashing

Following a storm, walk around your structure and inspect for water stains in your ceiling using a flashlight if possible. Water stains could indicate the start of a leaking problem. Our professional flashing techs will find the source of the problem and fix it ASAP. On your home’s roof, do you see dangerous mold, algae, mildew or fungus growth? Are there shrinking, blistering or curling shingles? Is there any water leaking into the attic or into walls that you might see?

Do I Need My Chimney Flashing Assessed?

Here in the NY tri-state area (and especially in Amagansett) we get quite a bit of sun, wind, sleet, rain and snow every year. Squirrels, raccoons and other animals that enjoy chewing on the flashing. Rust issues (which are common with certain designs of flashing material). Workers on the roof in Amagansett might also inadvertently dislodge the flashing. If your chimney‚Äôs flashing is problematic, it could quickly become a major issue if overlooked. With so much to gain from having precisely installed or maintained flashing, it’s important to ensure that your flashing is kept in efficient working order.

Some Signs The Chimney may Need New Flashing:

  • your flashing is dislodged or missing
  • your flashing is rusted or rotted through
  • the flashing is now coming free
  • your flashing is covered with roofing tar
  • You’re installing new roof shingles – or having other roofing service done
  • The chimney is leaking water into your residence.

Chimney Flashing Inspections

Some of the structure’s chimneys in Amagansett are over 50 years old or more and failing. The next part that our technicians would look for is if the bricks that are above the chimney flashing need to be repaired Missing mortar joints also need to be repaired and or re-tuckpointed so that the water might pass the chimney flashing. Expressway’s team might visit your property and assess the integrity of your home‚Äôs chimney system, identify whether the flashing needs to be replaced. If your chimney’s flashing is rusting and breaking away from the roof, Expressway’s team could replace all of the flashing around the places in question and help to keep the residence‚Äôs roof defended. Chimney harm most commonly begins to erode chimney masonry below the roofline. If there are undiscovered cracks or compromises in this masonry, the damage may be faster and more pervasive. Wall boards, insulation, electrical wiring and other home building materials may be severely harmed by regular water intrusion. Mold is known to be unhealthy to humans and pets and if water is eroding down into your structure, the growth can be widespread and very pricey to remedy. We suggest you call Expressway to inspect your roof and chimney soon.

Expressway Chimney Flashing Repair Contractors

Because there are a lot of parts and components of a chimney system, chimney flashing must be properly customized in order to work well. Reach out to Expressway’s team of flashing professionals today to get started! Part of Expressway’s scheduled chimney inspection service includes a close up look at the chimney flashing. Our technicians have the latest tools and training and take pride in doing every project correctly the first time. So why choose Expressway’s chimney experts? Our pros could talk about quality and the Expressway advantage. We let Expressway’s work speak for itself. If it‚Äôs time for a chimney flashing inspection or you know there‚Äôs trouble with your flashing, you will reach Amagansett‚Äôs local chimney experts at 631.772.6363.

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