Chimney Flashing For Cedarhurst


What Chimney Flashing Does

Chimney flashing is your Cedarhurst structure’s first line of integrity against water problems. Chimney flashing is one of the most overlooked areas in the sustainment of a structure. Chimney flashing is rarely seen – or even noticed – until something goes wrong with it. Roof flashing is installed to stall your Cedarhurst property from water problems and is generally laid down around vents, chimneys and skylights. Chimney flashings are generally made of thin copper, galvanized steel or aluminum sheets that are usually mounted beneath the roof’s shingles. Replacing the chimney flashing (or flashing sealants) from time to time may go a long way in water tightening your roof and preserving your Cedarhurst residence.

Chimney flashing’s purpose is to stall rain water and melting snow. Flashing has two layers: “step flashing” and “counter flashing.” Chimney flashing is made typically from sheet metal strips that are engineered to to fit securely around the base of your chimney where it intersects with the roof. Expressway provides flashing inspections, preventative maintenance and chimney inspections to secure the chimney as well as the roof and attic from the inevitable deterioration started by excessive water intrusion.

Checking For Chimney Flashing Damage

Even if your roof looks 100% fine after a heavy rain or snow storm, there could still be underlying leakage that might go unnoticed to a novice eye. Water stains could indicate the start of a leaking problem. Our trained flashing techs might find the source of the problem and fix it ASAP. Leaky roofs many a time cause additional issues to other parts of your structure – which might then include the growth of sickening mold and mildew… and that maythen cost the owner thousands more to repair. Are there shrinking, blistering or curling shingles? Is there any water penetrating into the attic or into walls that you will see?

How Does Flashing Become Leay?

Various conditions could harm the flashing and start the need for either a flashing installation. Leakage producers definitely include extreme winds that may dislodge the flashing material. Improperly installed flashing or bad caulking used in the sealing process. Workers on a roof in Cedarhurst could also inadvertently dislodge the flashing. Flashing that has deteriorated from the elements may eventually cause problems to your roofing system, as the chimney flashing helps forestall water leakage from occurring to the roof deck and shingle system. With so much to gain from having precisely installed or maintained flashing, it’s always important to ensure that your flashing is kept in excellent working order.

Whether you have a fireplace that is built with masonry stone or brick you’ll have to control the chimney flashing so that it won’t leak.

Spotting Damaged Chimney Flashing

Many of the residence’s chimneys in Cedarhurst are over 50 years old or more and failing. Most of the time this can be fixed by cutting out the old metal flashing with an angle grinder and replacing it with new chimney flashing. Missing mortar joints also need to be repaired and or re-tuckpointed so that the water might pass the chimney flashing. Expressway’s team can visit your property and assess the integrity of your property’s chimney system, identify whether the flashing needs to be fixed. Chimney inspection is a small maintenance task, but it’s one that you can’t afford to avoid. Expressway regularly fixes chimney flashing that may no longer do its service in securing a property from penetrating water. If there are undiscovered cracks or compromises in this masonry, the leakage can be faster and more pervasive. Mold growth – which is generally in dark, undrafted and damp areas are perfect for growing and harboring threatening mold. Because harm happens below the roof and out of sight, homeowners may not become aware of any danger until a major safety and property risk occurs. We suggest you call Expressway to inspect your roof and chimney soon.

Chimney Flashing Repairs By Expressway

Because there are so many parts and components of a chimney system, chimney flashing must be properly customized in order to work well. Remember: One chimney company doesn’t always fit all. Part of our scheduled chimney inspection service includes a close up look at the chimney flashing. We, at Expressway, would love to handle all of the chimney flashing and other residence needs. However, our pros know that there are a ton of other companies options to choose from. Our pros let Expressway’s work speak for itself. Our chimney experts know that after you take a look, you can see just how much pride we take in each project.

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