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What Does A Chimney Repair Address?

A rooftop chimney is your South Hempstead structure’s major line of defense against water damage. Your chimney is one of the most forgotten areas in the maintenance of a structure ability to remain dry and keep your inhabitants safe. Most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their South Hempstead home’s (or business’s) chimney. Chimney repairs are vital to stop your South Hempstead home from water invasion. Chimney repairs are generally made with cement or thin metal (tin, steel or aluminum) that is usually mounted beneath the roof’s shingles. Replacing your chimney (or chimney sealants) from time to time will go a long way in water tightening the roof and preserving your South Hempstead structure from water aggression.

A chimney cap’s purpose is to avert rain water and melting snow from leaking your house. If water is allowed to flow down into the home through a gap caused by damages or missing chimney cap, there should be major cause for concern. Expressway provides chimney services, preventative maintenance and chimney inspections to preserve your chimney as well as the roof and attic from the inevitable deterioration caused by excessive water penetration.

Checking For Chimney Damage

Following a storm, walk around your home and check for water stains and in your house and ceilings using a flashlight – if possible. Water stains could indicate the inception of a chimney leaking problem. Our expert chimney techs will find the source of the problem and repair it ASAP. On your structure’s roof, do you see mold, algae, mildew or fungus growth? Are there any shrinking, blistering or curling shingles? Is there any water infiltrating into the attic or into walls that you can see?

How Does A Chimney Become Obstructed?

A variety of elements can harm the chimney and initiate the need for either a chimney resealing or a full, new chimney replacement. Problem producers definitely include powerful winds that can move the chimney material. Rust elements (which are common with certain types of chimney material). Old age – i.e. many storms, cold winters and hot summers will also decrease your chimney’s lifespan. A chimney that has deteriorated from the elements will eventually cause leaks to the roofing system, as your chimney repair helps prevent water harm from occurring to the roof deck and shingle system. With so much to gain from having correctly installed or maintained chimney, it is essential to ensure that the chimney is kept in good working order.

Chimney repairs should last about 20 years in South Hempstead’s climate – but can fluctuate due to the amount of wear and tear caused by South Hempstead’s climate, storms and other weather patterns.

Chimney Tests

Many of the chimneys that our pros repair are the same chimney that were installed when the chimney was originally built. Most of the time this can be fixed by cutting out the old blocked metal or brick chimney with an angle grinder and replacing the leaky pieces with new brick or metal. Last – but not least – almost every fireplace needs to be scrutinized for cracks at least once a month. Chimney cracks are one of the main reasons that chimney can leak past the chimney cap or crown. If your chimney’s is rusting and breaking away from the roof, Expressway’s team will replace all of the areas around the areas in question and help to keep your home’s roof cushioned. Chimney leakage usually begins to erode chimney masonry below the roofline. Residence materials also simply just develop leakage over time. Mold growth – which is usually in dark, undrafted and damp sections are perfect for growing and harboring mold. Because harm happens below the roof and out of sight, homeowners may not become aware of the problem until a major safety and property risk occurs. We suggest you call Expressway to inspect your roof and chimney soon.

Expressway: South Hempstead’s Chimney Repair Experts

One chimney company doesn’t fit all. This is one of the reasons it’s not advisable for the average client to perform a chimney repair or installation on their own. Part of our chimney check service includes a close up look at your chimney. Our pros have the correct tools and training and take pride in doing every job properly the first time. However, we know that there are a ton of other chimney companies options to choose from.

Why choose Expressway’s chimney experts? Our chimney experts could talk about quality and the ‘Expressway Advantage’. Our pros let our work speak for itself. Feel free to check out our Google reviews – or even look at some of our previous work. Our technicians know that after you take a look, you will see just how much pride we take in each venture. If it’s time for a chimney consultation or you definitely know there’s trouble with the chimney, you can call us at 631.772.6363 – 24/7/365. We offer emergency services also.

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