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What Is The Importance Of Regular Chimney Repairs?

A rooftop chimney is your Franklin Square dwelling’s major line of defense against water infiltration. A chimney is one of the most imperitive parts of a home’s integrity. Chimney damage is rarely seen – or even noticed – until something goes awry with it. Chimney repairs are critical to hamper your Franklin Square structure from water damage. Chimney repairs are generally made with cement or thin metal (tin, steel or aluminum) that is usually mounted beneath your roof’s shingles. Warped or missing chimney parts can lead to serious water leak and severe leakage to your Franklin Square property and parts of the chimney.

A chimney cap’s purpose is to forestall rain water and melting snow from aggressive your dwelling. If water is allowed to intrude into your property through a gap caused by damages or missing chimney cap, there should be major cause for concern. Expressway provides chimney services, preventative maintenance and chimney inspections to cushion the chimney as well as your roof and attic from the inevitable deterioration caused by excessive water intrusion.

Checking For Chimney Complications

Even if your chimney looks okay after a heavy rain or snow storm, there could still be underlying damage that can go unnoticed to a novice eye. Water stains could indicate the inception of a chimney leaking problem. Expressway’s professional chimney specialists recommend you never let leaks go without addressing for very long. Leaky roofs always cause additional damage to other parts of your home – which can include the growth of sickening mold and mildew – and that will always cost you thousands more to address. Are there any shrinking, blistering or curling shingles? Is there any water eroding into the attic or into walls that you can see?

Need Help Repairing Your Chimney?

Here in the NY tri-state area (and especially in Franklin Square) we get quite a bit of sun, wind, sleet, rain and snow every year. Squirrels, raccoons and other animals may be tearing at the chimney to get in. Inexactly installed chimneys or poor-quality cement or caulking products used in the sealing process could be to blame. Old age – i.e. many storms, cold winters and hot summers will also decrease your chimney’s lifespan. A chimney that has deteriorated from the elements will eventually cause weakening to your roofing system, as the chimney repair helps forestall water damage from occurring to your roof deck and shingle layout. With so much to gain from having correctly installed or maintained chimney, it’s always pertinent to ensure that your chimney is kept in prime working order.

Chimney repairs should last about 20 years in Franklin Square’s climate – but can fluctuate due to the amount of wear and tear caused by New York’s climate, storms and other weather patterns.

Chimney Checks

Many of the dwelling’s chimneys in Franklin Square are over 50 years old or more and failing. Most of the time this can be repaired by cutting out the old alarming metal or brick chimney with an angle grinder and replacing the destroyed pieces with new brick or metal. Last – but not least – almost every fireplace needs to be analyzed for cracks at least once a month. Chimney cracks are one of the main reasons that chimney can leak past the chimney cap or crown. Chimney inspection is a small maintenance task, but it’s one that you can’t afford to overlook. Expressway regularly addresses chimneys that can no longer do its job in protecting a home from aggressive water. If there are undiscovered cracks or compromises in this masonry, the problems can be faster and more pervasive. Mold growth – which is usually in dark, undrafted and damp areas are perfect for growing and harboring mold. Because harm happens below the roof and out of sight, customers may not become aware of any danger until a major safety and property risk occurs. We suggest you call Expressway to inspect your roof and chimney soon.

Expressway: Franklin Square’s Chimney Repair Pros

Reach out to our team of chimney repair technicians today to get started! There are many factors of the chimney design. Chimneys often need to be customized precisely in order to work exactly with the structure they’re attached to. When Expressway’s expert chimney pros craft new chimney, we take the time to make sure the product chimney is a perfect fit – in terms of shape and size for the chimney and roof. Our pros have the correct tools and training and take pride in doing every job precisely the first time. However, we know that there are a ton of other chimney contractors options to choose from.

Why choose Expressway? We could talk about quality and the ‘Expressway Advantage’. Our chimney experts let our work speak for itself. Feel free to check out Expressway’s Google reviews – or even look at some of Expressway’s previous work. Our pros know that after you take a look, you will see just how much satisfaction our technicians take in each venture. If it’s time for a chimney consultation or you definitely know there’s trouble with the chimney, you can reach us at 631.772.6363 – 24/7/365. We offer emergency services too.

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