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Need A Flat Roof Repair Contractor?

Are you in the process of making or constructing a new home? Westmoreland flat roofs are battered by Westmoreland’s brutal and ever-changing weather 24/7/365. At Expressway Roofing & Chimney, our experts take delight in providing our Westmoreland clients with high-quality flat roof repairs personalized for their every roof fix wish. If a lot of the roofing materials have come loose or if the supports of the guttering don’t look or act as strong as they should – and water is going everywhere it is not supposed to – you should call Expressway Roofing & Chimney – one of the best roof repair companies in the Westmoreland area to come and inspect the roof for you. In cases of severe weather, roof problems will be pretty obvious. If you’ve noticed leaks or small cracks in your shingles, your roof may need a roof repair. We’ve got your roof repairs covered – with our years of experience and portfolio of successful project completions. Dwelling owners should regularly test and maintain their roofs.  There is always a risk when climbing up a ladder. Let our roofing staff analyze and understand your roofing system, provide advice and options and find you an efficient – yet effective – answer for your current roof repair problem.

Many Types Of Chimney Caps We Replace

Expressway provides periodic chimney cap inspections, preventative maintenance and chimney inspections to protect your chimney as well as your roof and attic from the inevitable deterioration caused by excessive water aggression. Chimney caps cushion the place atop the chimney from leaking water where the roof meets the chimney. Most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their Westmoreland home’s (or business’s) chimney caps integrity. Chimney cap damage is rarely seen from the ground – or even noticed – until something goes awry with it. Chimney cap repairs are necessary to prevent your Westmoreland dwelling from water damage. Chimney cap fix is your first line of defense from water penetration. Replacing the chimney cap (or chimney cap sealants) from time to time will go a long way in water tightening your roof and protecting your Westmoreland dwelling from water penetration. A chimney cap’s purpose is to forestall rain water and melting snow from eroding your home. If water is allowed to enter into your structure through a gap caused by leaking or missing chimney cap, there should be major cause for concern.

We Replace broken Home Siding

Putting curb appeal aside, siding plays a pivotal role in protecting your property from nature and harm caused by mother nature’s elements. New exterior siding is your Westmoreland property’s first line of defense against water problems and the elements. New exterior siding is one of the most imperitive parts of a property’s integrity and overall appearance. Siding damage is usually visible and very noticeable when something goes bad with it. Siding repairs performed by our pros will address the warped siding before it completely loses its resistance to water aggression and leaks cause a host of other problems inside the home.

The Importance Of Expert Chimney Repairs

A chimney repair is usually your Westmoreland residence’s first line of defense against water leakage. Your chimney is one of the most forgotten places when it comes to the adequate maintenance of a structure. Chimney damage is rarely seen from the ground – or even noticed – until something goes really bad with it. When a chimney becomes broken, it loses it imperviousness and resistance to water and initiates a host of other issues. Chimney repairs are generally made with cement or thin copper, galvanized steel or aluminum sheets that are usually mounted beneath your roof’s shingles. Chimney repairs are the first line of defense from water aggression. If water gets under the chimney, there is nothing left to stop it from aggressive into your property’s structure’s walls and ceilings.

Roof Repair Contractor In Westmoreland

Did you know the average Westmoreland structure needs a new roof every 30 years (roughly)? Do you need a roof repair expert? We understand. We know Westmoreland roofs are battered by Westmoreland’s brutal (and ever-changing) weather 24/7/365. At Expressway Roofing & Chimney, our experts take delight in providing our Westmoreland clients with high-quality roof repairs personalized for their every roof fix need. This is because the roofing of your home is what defends all of your Westmoreland structure’s materials, features, contents and belongings – and a badly broken roof could wind up costing you tens of thousands more in no time at all. At Expressway Roofing & Chimney, our technicians take dignity in providing our Westmoreland customers with top-tier roof repair – personalized for your every roof need. When the weather is moderate, shingle problems can be faint or subtle to the untrained eye until it develops into a bigger, more costly repair. Let our highly-skilled people handle it.

Is Your Skylight Leaking? We’ll fix it!

A new skylight can truly add much-needed ambiance to a location. The benefits of building a skylight in your Westmoreland structure are virtually limitless and the skylight technicians of Expressway can make sure that your dangerous skylight is fixed with top-quality products and workmanship and is as pleasing as possible. Replacement is not always the recommendation – especially if possible damage is small and localized. However, if the skylight repair will cost thousands of dollars, we might consider purchasing a new one. Customers may also take into consideration maintaining the roof to avoid having skylight issues that can be very problematic to your skylight. This problem can cause the gap to grow – and after a few seasons of continuous expansion and contraction, you will see that the skylight will start to leak as it allows water to enter. Another source of a skylight leak is faulty building.

Amazing New Cedar Shake Roofing

The world’s most enduring roofing product was created from nature is cedar. The roof of a house is beyond pertinent for various reasons. Where you live can significantly determine the style of roof you choose and the materials used to make it. Cedar shake roofing uses real wood shingles that are forged from split cedar logs – most commonly California Redwood, Western Cedar or Atlantic White Cedar. Cedar shakes are graded against several standards related to impact, wind and fire-resistance. Some crews will use a mix of many vertical and flat grain to save on cost or time. Whether you currently live in a house with a cedar shake roof or are considering purchasing one for your dwelling, it’s essential to know how to take care of it. An extra bonus of a cedar shake roof is they last through winds exceeding 120 miles per hour.

Emergency Services We provide

There isn’t anything you should do about the crazy weather coming through Westmoreland and as a result, bad weather can wreak problems on or in your house. When your Westmoreland house has sustained damage of any sort from a weather event, a homeowner could rely on our qualified, local repair professionals. Your residence could undergo water, flood and sewage damage in conjunction with devastation from wind and fires. Our technicians are trained to provide proper storm damage repairs and will mitigate potential issues when a homeowner encounter these emergency situations. When the rebuilding job is finished, we carry out the final cleanup, restoring your Westmoreland residence to its pre-storm, undamaged state.

Gutters Need An Expressway Cleaning?

Gutter cleaning is of paramount importance to avert your home’s gutter system clogging due to leaves, dust, debris or other obstructive materials. Our gutter cleaning service include pressure washing, deep cleaning of all gutter types and brands and cleaning gutters – from the roof or ground/ladder. There is a sense of urgency around finding and fixing the source of a blocked rain gutter system. Call our gutter experts if you’re experiencing any signs, our gutter technicians will find out exactly what is causing your danger and resolve the situation. Customers should understand that seamless gutter cleaning can be a dangerous, time-consuming (and a rather gross) job! Expressway has been installing, fixing and cleaning water diversion systems (leaders and gutters) and custom metal gutter products since 2000. Expressway has connected some of the most aesthetically-pleasing and highly-functional rain water gutter materials on the market. Just relax and let our technicians handle it. Contact Expressway today at 631.772.6363 and get those overflowing gutters cleaned once and for all!

We Fix All Types Of Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is your Westmoreland dwelling’s first line of defense against water harm. Chimney flashing is one of the most essential parts of a structure’s chimney. Chimney flashing is rarely seen – or even noticed – until something goes wrong with it. Roof flashing is installed to stop your Westmoreland property from water damage and is normally placed around vents, chimneys and skylights. The chimney flashing or caulking used to keep the flashing in place will slowly erode, making the roof susceptible to leaks. Replacing the chimney flashing (or flashing sealants) from time to time will go a long way in water tightening the roof and defending your Westmoreland property. Warped or missing flashing can lead to a serious water leak and severe problems to your Westmoreland residence and parts of the chimney. Chimney flashing’s purpose is to stall rain water and melting snow. L-shaped step flashing is also laid down and tightly sealed with caulk. ‘Counter flashing’ – which is installed around a chimney to stall water from leaking into the dwelling. . Counter flashing overlaps the top ridge gap of the L-flashing and is secured by embedding it into the chimney masonry. Expressway provides periodic flashing inspections, preventative maintenance and chimney inspections to secure your chimney as well as the roof and attic from the inevitable deterioration caused by excessive water penetration.

Do You Need To Repair Your Soffits And Fascia?

Fascia is the flat, usually horizontal, exterior, wooden part of a house having the form of a flat band or broad fillet – such as a flat piece – used as a molding or the horizontal piece (such as a board) covering the joint between the top of a wall and the projecting eaves. Soffits and fascia are often overlooked by property owners and can be an important factor for any residence’s water protection. These two elements work together to make your home look immaculate and complete the look of your structure while also providing protection to the structure’s interior and roofing system. Expressway Roofing offers repairs, replacement and installation choices to help Westmoreland homeowners find the right outcome to their soffit and fascia leaks.

We Perform New Deck Installations

Our professionally-trained, fully-insured – and all-around expert complement of deck designers, craftsman and woodworkers at Expressway Decks offers a variety of the latest colors, newest products and trustworthy materials for you to choose from when our contractors are building your dream deck. From our knowledgeable and helpful deck crew – to the diverse assortment of decking materials, Expressway provides a pleasant, comfortable experience for those planning their dream deck.

We Fix Or Repair Doors

Your front door isn’t just the entrance to your home, it enhances your safety and security. Replacing your door provides you with the right level of privacy and is also the quickest way to increase your home’s value. So if your door swings, slides or rolls, Expressway can get it installed, repaired and serviced in a hurry. You can book a door restoration service with our staff in a matter of minutes by filling out our form. On the day of your appointment, the door fixers will arrive at your residence fully-equipped with all the tools and materials needed for the service. Our professional door service company will test the door, then We will check the overall condition of the hardware of the door, the door material and will check if the door ensemble is repairable.

We Fix Or Repair Garages

A professionally installed garage door that’s made from top-tier products can last a lifetime if it’s properly maintained and cared for. Servicing your garage door is just as essential as servicing your car. Like any engine, your garage door is made up of countless moving parts designed to lift and lower the door, so regular servicing not only keeps it in safe and functional working order but is imperitive to ensure its lifespan. No matter which garage door or motor you have, you should ensure it’s serviced once a year after installation. Our pros can fix some of the most common garage door issues, including: The garage door is stuck in the open or closed position, it is not responding to the remote control, the door opener motor is making a weird sound, the garage door opens but the opener motor won’t stop running, a roller door is jammed or not moving, the door is squeaking, the door panel is broken, the track is bent, the garage door is opening/closing slowly. Call us! We can repair your garage!

Yes! We Do Windows

The Expressway window repair complement has the expertise to assess for problems with your windows and provide solutions to do a simple repair or do a full, complete window replacement. Whether the damaged window(s) has double panes or are triple panes sealed units, or if it has a frame made of wood, metal or vinyl, Westmoreland’s window experts can replace it. Westmoreland’s window experts will even match any kind of grilles that you may have so that the new window unit perfectly matches the ones next to it. Our contractors can install and replace frameless glass window, framed glass window etc. Our contractors also install windows for residential and commercial purposes. We have dedicated fully-trained pros for glass or hardware installation. We can give you the quality service for your window, or glass installation and replacement.


Home Exterior Repair Technicians

Expressway Roofing And Chimney has been fixing, servicing and doing residential broken chimney fixes and repairs, dangerous deck repair jobs, fixing leaky skylights and leaky gutters, installing new home exterior siding and other cedar products and roofs in Nassau and Suffolk county for over 22 years. Long Islanders have been trusting us with their skylight problems, quality roofing installations and home construction repairs since 2001. Call Expressway today at 631.772.6363.