Gutter Inspections

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What Should I Inspect My Gutters For?

Some important factors a gutter inspector should consider include:

  1. that the guttering system is adequately sized to prevent runoff
  2. that the gutters are free of rust, cracks and holes in order to prevent leaking
  3. and that the downspouts divert water 4 to 6 feet away from the home’s foundation.


A few inches of rain falling on the roof of a house can produce several thousand gallons of water runoff. This runoff must be channeled away from the home’s foundation. Otherwise, the excess water can quickly saturate the soil surrounding the building and wick through the foundation to the interior. Once inside, this moisture can lead to a variety of problems, including mold and wood rot. Excess moisture can also cause indoor air quality problems. 


If your property has faulty gutters or downspouts, there are potential issues that you should be aware of. For those homes with basements, you could find yourself dealing with water leaking into your basement because of the fact the downspouts aren’t functioning correctly. Water can easily seep through the foundation and into the basement if water happens to pool up in one area because of failing downspouts. Another danger from faulty downspouts that you should be aware of is yard erosion. If the downspouts aren’t properly pushing the water away from the foundation of your home, water will often collect in one specific area. When water sits in one place for an extended period of time, it can cause the yard to erode. The quicker you let our team of gutter experts repair or replace your gutter downspouts, the less likely you’ll have to deal with these potential dangers.

Does Expressway Inspect Gutters & Downspouts?

bad house gutter pictures

Of course! We at Expressway inspect all types of gutters and downspouts – plus we do gutter installations and repairs. With our 20 plus years of experience you can rest easier knowing that the job will be finished on time the first time and within budget! We work on both residential and commercial gutter systems. So, whatever you gutter needs are we have you covered! We offer a full gutter and downspout checkup and cleaning service to ensure that your water management system is operating effectively. Our gutter experts will clean each gutter and downspout, checking for damage, leaks and for common areas that occasionally need resealing. If further repairs are needed to keep your home safe we will let you know. We also offer separate roof cleaning, drip guard installation and gutter protection services as well.

Do I Need My Downspouts Looked At?

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Clogged downspouts are the number one cause of basement water, wet crawl spaces and cracked foundations. When unmanaged rain water seeps under the foundation and dries it expands and then shrinks the ground. As this repeatedly happens it causes the ground to shift, foundations to break, and major structural damage to follow. Other damage that can occur from clogged gutters are damage to paint, rotting fascia, soffits, siding and other wood framing. Damage can also occur to ceilings, and interior walls as water runs to the lowest point. These repairs can quickly become very costly. Routine gutter cleaning from our professional staff will ensure that your gutters and downspouts are free of debris, muck and leaves, so that water can flow where it needs to.


The last thing you should do is continue to ignore your gutters because you think:

  1. They don’t need to be cleaned (big error – if you have gutters they have to be cleaned regularly)
  2. It’s too pricey to hire a company to clean them for you (did you get a quote yet?)
  3. It’s a task you can do DIY when you get the time and save some money (you have an entire weekend to waste?)
  4. Nobody will see the plants growing out of your gutters (they will)
  5. Your family loves the mosquitos and hornets attracted to the clogged up water (nobody does – why would your wife and kids?)
  6. The rats that live in your gutters won’t rip their way into your house (but they certainly will)


The easiest thing to do is to get a free quote either online or by phone and see just how little it actually costs to have your gutters cleaned professionally by one of our gutter inspectors.

Should I Inspect My Own Rain Gutters?

bad house gutter pictures

What to look for: Gutter systems consist of two parts: gutter channels that run horizontally along the roof edge to collect runoff; and the downspouts that carry the collected water to grade level. Roofing gutters should slope down toward the downspout at the rate of 1/16-inch per foot, or 1/4-inch per 5 to 10 feet. An angle less than this won’t allow water to move effectively, and much more of an angle will cause the water to move at too great a speed, potentially resulting in overflow over end caps and corners. 


In terms of standards, gutter inspectors are not required to measure the amount of gutter slope. To do it accurately would be time-consuming, would require a transit or water level, and would exceed normal standards of practice. A more practical approach is to make sure that all gutters slope toward the downspout. In judging adequate slope, look for signs of standing water in portions of the gutter away from the downspout and eyeball the margin against the fascia. 


Gutter channels are typically available in 4, 5, and 6-inch sizes. They are referred to by their shape: there are K-style gutters (also known as “ogee” because the shape resembles this molding type); and U-style gutters (or half-round). The style differences are principally aesthetic; there is no substantial difference in performance. Larger sizes conduct more water at a faster rate, provided that there are enough downspouts to drain the gutter channels without overflowing.

Are Gutter Downspouts Important?

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While often overlooked, your gutters and downspouts are among the most important parts of your home or business. It’s their job to safely direct water and falling debris off your roof and away from your structure’s walls and foundation. With minimal maintenance and installation, your gutters perform well for years to come. As a full-service gutter and roofing contractor, we have the skills and resources to service your gutters, soffit and fascia, downspouts and other roofing components. Whether you are installing a new gutter system or making upgrades to an existing system, you can depend on us.


Should I Call Expressway For A Gutter Inspection?

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The importance of functioning gutter downspouts is something that our team prioritizes. We provide inspections,  unclogging and gutter cleaning for all homes and businesses. If you are in need of a gutter inspection, installation, cleaning or anything else gutter-related then we at Expressway have you covered! Feel free to give us a call at 631.772.6363 and someone will be in touch shortly.