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A Solid Chimney Crown Is A Must

The chimney is composed of many complex parts and it isn’t just the monolithic structure that people make it out to be. Everything from the mantle, flue liner, chimney cap, flashing and many other parts make up the chimney.


One of the most underrated of these is the chimney crown – this piece of the chimney is located on top of the stack just under the cap. There are many advantages to having this crown in good working order and is often related to protection from the elements, specifically water.


A malfunctioning chimney crown can cause considerable headache, damage and can even be life-threatening in the most severe cases.


If you’re looking at your suspect chimney crown which may be in need of a repair or complete new installation then you have come to the right place! We at Expressway have 20 plus years of experience with both repair and installations of an array of chimney crowns.


What Are Chimney Crowns?


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Chimney crowns provide a brick or stone chimney with a sloped top surface. This will shed water off the top of the chimney. If water is allowed to penetrate the underlying brick and mortar it will cause a ton of problems with your masonry chimney. The chimney crown is the top level of the chimney. It is usually completed from leftover mortar or cement during chimney construction and is the basic first line of defense for protecting your chimney from its most dangerous threat: water. When properly installed and maintained, the sloped surface directs much of the water away from the chimney.


Due to its prime location, the chimney crown takes a lot of abuse from outside influences like the weather and environmental conditions. These influences can cause cracks to develop on the crown allowing water to leak behind the bricks inside the chimney. If damages to the crown are not discovered and repaired in a timely manner, the brick masonry will begin to soften, decay and eventually break off the chimney. While the crown seals most of the chimney, the flue is still exposed. So having a crown alone is not enough to keep all water and debris out of the chimney.


Why Choose Expressway?


If you find yourself with a damaged crown or notice other damages in your that could be caused by your chimney, you can trust Expressway to come and inspect the area and give you the correct course of action to take to repair.  We at Expressway would love to handle all of your chimney crown and other home needs. However, we know that there are a ton of options to choose from. So why choose us? We could talk about quality and the Expressway advantage.


However, we let our work speak for it self. Feel free to check out our reviews or even look at some of our previous work. We know that after you take a look, you will see just how much pride we take in each project.


For more information feel free to fill out the form below or give us a call at 631.772.6363.

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