Cedar Shake Siding Repair Wading River



We recently worked on a cedar shake roof and siding project in Wading River. The homeowner called our roofing experts because she noticed that there was water leaking behind where the roof met the cedar shake siding.  We were able to remove all of the damaged cedar shake siding pieces so we could assess the culprit. We saw the problem and replaced it. It was a faulty ice and water shield. 


We then replaced the cedar shakes that were damaged from the excessive water exposure. While we were there and the internal roofing structure was open and accessible, our cedar shingle roofing experts noticed a flashing issue that we were able to replace while we were fixing the water shield – thus averting further damage shortly down the road. Once we replaced the few rotten pieces of cedar shake siding, the job was complete and the homeowner was thankful and happy. 


Cedar Is your Home's first defense

cedar shake siding installation

Keep in mind that your home’s cedar roofing and siding is your home’s first line of defense against the elements and is the largest part of its overall aesthetic. Over time you will inevitably find some damage or decay on your siding. Repairing it as soon as possible prevents further damage from occurring. Some signs that your cedar siding needs to be replaced are:

  • Frequent painting or staining
  • Higher electric bills than usual
  • Visible cedar shake rotting
  • Obvious cedar shake warping
  • Mold, fungus or mildew growing on the cedar
  • Paint peeling off the cedar exposing the shake to the weather

Replacing your Cedar Shakes

cedar shake siding installation

While these are just some of the signs that your home’s cedar siding may need to be replaced, we do suggest having an expert come out and take a look. This can help prevent major damage to your home later on down the road. Which we know from our decades of experience, will be much more costly then having your damaged shingles repaired now.

We can repair any roof! Below is a small list of roofs we can work on and repair.

  • Cedar shake siding and roofs
  • Gaco roofs
  • Solar, concrete or clay tile roofs
  • Flat or pitched roofs
  • Asphalt shingle roofs
  • Metal, rubber or green roofs
    and many more roofing styles your stylish Long Island taste went with!

Cedar Shake Roof Installations

cedar shake siding installation
Should the roofing damage be beyond a simple shingle and shake replacement, we also offer full cedar shake roofing and cedar shake siding installations – for your home or for your business. Since every home and business will have different needs, the right roof for each will vary from building to building. Which is why we suggest having an experienced roofing company such as us at Expressway come out and provide you with suggestions. This way you can rest easy knowing that you have the right roof for your home or business.

Why Choose Expressway?

cedar shake siding installation

Before choosing any company to repair or install your roof you should always make sure you are choosing the right company. Long Island’s Expressway Roofing & Chimney is a locally-owned and operated roofing contracting company that performs top quality roof leak repairs and new cedar shingle installations. We’re expert at most everything roof related to be honest – from a new, full roof installation to a simple roof leak repair – you can rest easier knowing that the cedar shake repair job will be done right – the first time – and on time. 


With our experienced techs there is no roofing job too small or too big for us at Expressway. We at Expressway could give you a ton of reasons to choose us. But we would rather our previous work and Google reviews do the talking for us. Each leaking roof project we take on is treated as if it was for us for a family member. We make sure that everything is done correctly. We take great pride in the work that we do, allow us to be your one-stop roofing company in the Long Island, New York area!

Contact Expressway For Your Cedar Shake Needs

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