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Skylight REPLACEMENT IN Lindenhurst


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Skylights can add light, appeal and overall value to your Lindenhurst house and are usually quick to install – making any room in your home much brighter. The addition (or replacement) of a skylight can easily bring your house to life by flooding previously gloomy spaces with natural ambient light. Skylights bring the benefits of daylight and fresh air into your Lindenhurst home or business.


Just last week a homeowner in Lindenhurst called about a leaking skylight she wanted replaced. She had seen ads for new skylights with automatic ventilation capabilities and that’s exactly what she wanted. So we got to work the next day.

roof skylight installation

Replacing An Old Skylight

First, we removed the roofing shingles where the replacement skylight was going to be installed. We then assessed the integrity of the flashing, shingles, wood and plywood underlay to make sure the skylight will have a stable enough resting place for years to come. The area was okay.


We then pulled out the old 45″ x 45″ skylight from the roof. The new vented skylight was almost ready to go in. After the replacement skylight was secured, it was time for the ice shield to be affixed to the skylight. Next, we sealed the skylight’s corners and seams with flashing to make sure it’s not going to leak. We guarantee a no leak install!


Lastly, it was time for the new shingles to be placed in all around the brand new skylight. We always try our best to match the shingle shades as closely as possible. We can’t always get a 100% match due to fading and wear – but we can get those roofing shingles to match pretty closely! We were able to match the GAF shingles to the Biscayne blue already present.


We were in and out of their Lindenhurst home in a few hours and the homeowner was pleased with the new non-leaking, ventilating skylight.

Leaky Skylight Repair

Call Expressway For A Skylight Replacement

This skylight replacement process can be tricky but it’s quicker than installing a brand new skylight. Hiring the wrong roofing skylight pro could leave you with water leaks and costly damage. Long Island’s Expressway Roofing & Chimney is a reputable, locally-owned and operated roofing contracting company that performs 100s of top quality skylight installations and repairs each year and for the last 20 years.


We could give you a ton of other subjective reasons to choose us – but we would rather our previous work and our Google customer reviews speak for itself. We take pride in the work we do. 


Consider us your one-stop skylight company in the Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York area! Call us today at 631.772.6363

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