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Good Attic Ventilation Is Essential

Good attic ventilation is highly-recommended for warding off mold growth, ceasing damaging your insulation and halting attic wood rot. Ventilation also helps keep your attic temperature down in the summer. Because of the temperature difference between your home’s interior and outside, your roof and attic undergo constant temperature fluctuations. This can lead to condensation, which will cause mold and wood rot if not removed. Proper attic ventilation helps air flow through your soffit into the attic and out through the vent on top of your roof.


While there are different types of vents, they are all designed to accomplish the same purpose. In addition to removing moisture, attic ventilation also helps control attic temperature. Without it, your attic temperature could reach 140 degrees in the summer, which puts unnecessary strain on your air conditioning system. With a cooler attic, you can extend the life of your air conditioner and save money on energy use.


In addition to good ventilation, proper attic insulation also helps control temperature and protect your home from energy waste. With improper or wet insulation, your home temperature may be difficult to control. Don’t waste money on air conditioning and heating due to poor attic insulation! 

Benefits Of Roof And Attic Ventilation

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There are several advantages to proper roofing ventilation. However, making sure that you have the correct number of intake and exhaust vents is a critical part of any roof design. Once you have the correct ventilation it will offer a ton of advantages to you the homeowner. Such as:

  • Moderate temperature fluctuations
  • Prolongs the life of roofing and attic materials
  • Prevents moisture buildup in the attic
  • Compliant with local building codes
  • Prevents excess heat buildup
  • Hinders damage to wood and items in the attic
  • Keeps cooling costs lower than without a vent
  • Less heating/HVAC system repairs

Before anyone starts to install any new ventilation system on your roof there are a few steps that any reputable roofing company should take. The first step would be to determine what type of vents your home needs and how many vents you will need. 


You do have a few options for what material, style and color you want. Make sure to have an open line of communication with the roofing company or the person installing your ventilation as this will ensure your needs and your home needs are being fulfilled.


If you’ve noticed your air conditioner struggling to cool your home or increased allergies and asthma symptoms, you might have problems in your attic. Without good ventilation and insulation, you will need more roof and HVAC repairs more often. Protect your home from damage and save money on needless repairs by ensuring your attic is in good shape


Get Your Attic Ventilation System Functioning

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Signs of poor attic ventilation can include black mold/mildew. Black mold in the attic is a result of poor ventilation that causes excessive moisture buildup. Water stained ceiling and/or walls – Excessive moisture buildup in your attic can result in water stains and leaking inside your home. Curling shingles – If your poorly ventilated attic is experiencing extreme heat, your shingles may bake and start to curl up at the edges.


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