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Although we do install gutter screens and covers on homes and businesses all over Long Island – they do not always stop debris and leaves from clogging your gutters. Be sure to have your gutters inspected to give the best option for your home gutter system. We find that even with a gutter cover, you will most probably need to still have your gutters cleaned on a somewhat regular maintenance basis.

While screens and covers can prevent some large debris from entering the gutter system, small debris will always find it’s way into your gutters. That debris build up which will lead to clogged and damaged gutters, eventually damaging your home and/or foundation.

Our gutter screen and cover installation services include an initial gutter cleaning. Expressway Roofing specializes in all phases of gutters including cleaning, gutter screens and covers, repairs, inspections and installations.

We are licensed and insured and have over 20 years experience. Our gutter technicians can help answer all of your questions and address your needs.

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